PCL Auckland

At PCL Auckland we have considerable in-house printing capability, large clean & secure warehousing facilities, and our head-office team provides wider admin and finance support for the wider group network.

An outstanding team

At PCL Auckland we are proud to boast one of the most experienced teams in print in the business. Most of our team have been in the industry for many years now – some for longer than they would probably care to admit.

This experience is matched only by our expertise, and how much we care about what we do. We have built an enviable reputation in the wider Auckland market, and we work very hard to stay at the top of our game.

We welcome you to arrange a time to come and have a visit of the site and meet the team.

exceptional capabilities

Our large site in Highbrook, Auckland, is a key hub for the wider PCL Group network. Here we have considerable print capabilities, and warehousing space for much of those printed materials. Our customers with nationwide branch networks are able to warehouse their materials here, ready for their sites to order as required, freeing up valuable space at their own Head Offices.

We also have a range of specialist print finishing machines which allow you to take your print materials to the next level.

Our experienced Dispatch team prides itself on ensuring all printed materials leave the warehouse expertly collated and packaged, ready to arrive in very best shape possible. Our team are passionate about getting it there on-time, in-full and to spec. Every time.