Direct Mail Fulfillment

PCL Group is ready to help with the end-to-end management of your direct marketing campaigns. Having managed direct mail for our clients for many years, we understand everything there is to know about this tried and tested communication method.

Database Management

The key to an effective direct mail campaign is a clean database.  PCL Group is able to help you ensure your client database is optimised to support a successful campaign and make it through to your audience.  

With our expert knowledge in direct mail, we can help you to avoid any issues in meeting the specific requirements of NZ Post, and we can also offer DM techniques to encourage uptake from your mail recipients.

Direct Mail Design & Print

We can take care of the entire direct mail fulfilment process – from initial campaign concepts and final creative, through to mail pack collation, database management and the moment of truth….mailing.

If you are just starting out with direct mail, we will guide you through the process and share with you tips & tricks to encourage success.  We’ll also help you avoid any issues, and that will allow you to focus more time on getting your message / offer right.

Talk to us today about the specifics of your next direct mail campaign and we’ll show you how to make it your most successful yet. 

Mail House

Our PCL Group team has helped manage a large number of direct mail campaigns from a wide range of industries.  We are well versed in the mechanics of a successful DM campaign, and this means you don’t have to be.

Every direct mail campaign is uniquely different, and so the specific mail house mechanics will be too.  We will take the time to fully understand your campaign needs, and work with you to develop the best plan of attack to achieve the best result possible.

Talk to us today about your next direct mail campaign.