Point of Sale Collateral

Grab their attention, and grab it fast! We give you endless possibilities to wow with POS – even when you’re not there!

Wobblers & Shelf Talkers

When you’re fighting for attention, you sometimes need to just jump out and grab it!  Shelf talkers and wobblers are a great way to capture not only eyes, but also the imagination of your audience.

PCL Group has a lot of experience with these kinds of retail POS products and can work with you to develop a high-impact solution to ideally fit your merchandising plans.  

Talk to our print experts today about your POS shelf talkers and wobbler needs.  


Posters are a popular POS item for all manner of promotions and can come in lots of different sizes to suit your needs and budget. 

PCL Group has in-house poster printing capability for all sizes from A4 – A0, and everything in between.  We can also help with innovative poster merchandising solutions such as free-standing floor stands, on-wall holders (with easy change-out access), and window displays. 

Talk to the PCL Group team today about how posters can take your next promotional campaign to the next level. 


You can’t beat a good display for encouraging sales, especially those last minute impulse purchases as you draw closer to making your payment.

PCL Group is able to help you conceptualise your display idea, design up your concept and then deliver your final displays ready for your campaign.  We can even help you with the install if you are short on resource.  

We can also help with corporate display solutions such as brochure stands, wall holders for brand  literature and business cards, and other office related items. We are also able to take your existing display solutions – such as electronic kiosks – and add these into your core range as part of an overall print warehousing programme. 

Don’t hesitate to call to organise a time to meet with our PCL Group team to discuss your specific display needs. 

Large Format Display

Go big, or go home!  PCL Group is able to help you take your promotional campaign to exciting new levels through large format displays, and it’s actually pretty easy and more cost-effective than you’d think. 

When A1 or A0 posters just are going to cut the mustard, an edge-to-edge wall display with custom vinyl graphics will allow your creative to do all the talking.  We have some in-house capabilities for large-format, but we also work with the best large-format printer and installers in the business, so if we can ‘t do it, they can!

Because every project is different, so is every large format printing solution.  Arrange a time to come in and meet the team to discuss your large format display needs. 

Location Management & Logistics

If you have a widespread network of stores / locations across New Zealand, PCL Group is well set-up to help you get a suite of POS merchandising out to each store on time, in full, and also looking just as they left our warehouse. 

Our warehousing dispatch team are the best in the business and they care. They have built an enviable reputation for how well they manage the logistics of nationwide promotional campaigns, and our customers are grateful for it.  They know they can trust that their POS materials will arrive well collated, on-spec, and looking sharp.