Marketing Services

Fresh, innovative, out of the box thinking. Our marketing team knows how to turn heads and help you drive sales.

Talk to us today about the resources we have available to help you turn your next great marketing idea into a market-ready winner!


At PCL Group we are much more than simply a printer to who you can only send finished art, ready for printing.  We have experienced in-house graphic design resource, ready to help you develop bold, compelling artwork that will set your brand apart.

Likewise, we have a wealth of expertise in helping to design unique print and packaging solutions, and where possible, we can help to develop mock-ups / samples / prototypes to allow you to better visualise what your end product will look like.  

Talk to us today about your next project and how we can help bring it to life with some PCL Group design flair.  


A brand is nothing without a great story, and marketing campaigns also need clever, compelling messaging to drive success. Copywriting is a specialist skill and not something that everyone is naturally good at.

PCL Group has experienced copywriters that can take your brief and develop exceptional written content that will hit the mark with your audiences. Talk to us today about arranging a time to meet with our copywriters to discuss your specific copywriting needs.


Photography / Video

A picture still paints a thousand words, and with great brand and product imagery with creativity that lifts your markets to exciting new levels. An increasing number of brands are recognising the value of having great brand imagery assets and a library of product and services photos that they can roll-out and use across their marketing mix. Good photography is relatively inexpensive, and the investment will pay you back very quickly if you are actively marketing to your customers.

Video is another increasingly popular way for companies to stand out from the crowd, and it’s much more cost-effective than you probably think. With good planning and compelling subject matter, a video will take your clients on a journey into what your brand is all about, and leave them wanting more.

Talk to us today about how we can help you with your next photography or video project.

Website Development

PCL Group has a talented team of web developers in-house who can help design, build and optimise responsive-design websites for your brand or a specific campaign. Our team will ensure your site has an exceptional design, a robust UX that makes it easy for customers to use and enjoy, and an intuitive CMS that makes it simple for you to maintain and grow.

PCL Group can work with you to help define an ideal site architecture, brainstorm some initial design ideas and then undertake content planning to ensure the website is well populated with powerful messaging & imagery that tells a complete brand story. Every website project is different, so please contact us today and tell us about your specific website development requirements and we’ll work with you to ensure you achieve your online objectives.