Warehousing and Logistics

By keeping your stocks of printed materials in our secure warehouses throughout New Zealand, you avoid them impacting upon your own operations. We issue, upon order or automatically, the right quantity of printed materials at the right time, so that you can continue to do what you need to, when you need to.

Warehouse Inventory

We enable you to manage your print and media by helping you to better account for it. Our online print ordering systems track inventory, supplier orders and dispatches to your branches or departments, so that you can concentrate on managing other aspects of your business.

We store your materials securely so they never get lost, contaminated or damaged in your own office, warehouse or factory environments.

Talk to us today about how a managed print warehousing solution with PCL Group can help take the hassle out of print for your organisation.  

Campaign Fulfillment

PCL Group is able to provide an end-to-end campaign management service where we can support every stage of your project from initial designs, through to finished art, printing, collation and dispatch. 

We have a talented team of experts who bring a lot of value to the table and will help you make your campaign sing.  They understand the importance of making every aspect of your execution connect in a cohesive manner, from Direct Mail pieces through to POS materials, and EDMs. 

Talk to us today about how we can make your next project easier with a stress-free PCL Group campaign fulfillment programme.  

Logistics / Dispatch

PCL Group has a complete consignment stock capability which includes print storage, pick and pack, point of sale collation and dispatch. We manage a vast range of consignment stock, with thousands of line items in our distribution network.

We understand the importance of having your print / POS items arrive in the same exceptional quality as when they were printed, so we take great care in our collation process, and we work with proven freight partners who also take the same high level of care throughout the delivery process.