Innovative Packaging

First impressions last, so, make yours memorable with our unique and innovative packaging solutions.

Cartons & boxes

Cartons & boxes can come in all manner of sizes and construction including simple corrugated cartons, self-locking cube boxes, die-cut boxes and NZ Post friendly sizes for optimal storage and freight.

PCL Group has an experienced team, rich in expertise on cartons and boxes and how simple design aspects can make all the difference in your day-to-day user experience. Talk to our team today about your upcoming carton project and we’ll guide you through your best options. 

Labels & stickers

PCL Group can help with all things adhesive, from simple stickers through to full product labels for bottles, jars, and other product packaging. 

We can help you to optimise your label or sticker design, and get the best print layouts for both cost savings and hassle-free use once printed. 

Talk to the PCL Group team today about your next labels or stickers project. 

Packaging Design

It goes without saying that great packaging design plays a major part in standing out on shelves, and ultimately helping to sell products.

PCL Group is able to help with all aspects of packaging design and production. Whether it’s packaging for FMCG grocery items or for the latest toy to hit the shelves, PCL Group can help you develop a packaging concept that will help you move more products.

Packaging Prototypes

If you have a unique packaging project our expert PCL Group team can help at every step of the way – starting with conceptualisation of your idea, and support in developing packaging prototypes to test your concept. 

We can help with initial die-lines and design if needed, and then will help develop a model of what you can expect from your final packaging product.  This is an exciting time as you start to see your idea really take shape.

Talk to us today about your next bespoke packaging project and we’ll arrange a meeting to talk through your concept.