Media Centre brand Management System

enterprise-level cloud based brand management 

Media Centre is our powerful enterprise-level, cloud-based software tool, providing seamless management of your brand(s) through a centralised repository for all your brand elements and marketing / print touch points.

With both asset and job management components, and accuracy of product ordering with genuine speed to market, Media Centre brings consistency and efficiency to your organisation, making this an essential solution for doing smart business.

PCL Group continues to invest significant resources to ensure this system delivers exceptional increases in service quality to clients. With our own in-house development team, we have no delays in service delivery and Media Centre is able to be truly customisable to meet your specific requirements.  

one smart system to fit all of your requirements

In Media Centre you get one powerful system that covers all of your requirements: campaign management, stock ordering from our logistics warehousing, stationery management, magazine ordering, merchandise management, and more.

Media Centre has a comprehensive reporting suite, again, customisable to suit your organisation’s unique requirements. Media Centre can have unlimited users with various approval levels to enable you to control access, costs and budgets. This enables simplicity and ease of use for your front-line staff, reducing unnecessary steps and providing considerable time saving and speed to market.

Media Centre is compatible with multiple devices and allows your people to access the system anytime and from anywhere. Individual or consolidated invoicing can API directly into your Finance system, saving significant input time for admin staff. It also has the ability to facilitate Credit Card purchases for independent users with your organisation.

flexible and easy to use

A major point of difference with Media Centre is that we can customise the system to the specific requirements of each client and as we have developed the technology ourselves, we are able to provide unrivaled support, unlike other systems that require third party involvement.

A training programme with user-friendly modules and other resources available 24/7, such as tutorial videos and help manuals (accessible online). Once dates are agreed for a ‘Go Live’ a full implementation plan will be finalised. Our support for Media Centre includes:

  • Mobile and Tablet enabled
  • Concise User Documentation
  • User Training Videos
  • Phone support and help desk 8am to 5pm
  • In person support from the PCL Group team
  • Support to Finance with procedures for role / staff changes